Who ever heard of an “anarchist governing council”?

A profoundly ignorant journalist discusses sociological origins of hierarchy, which would probably be interesting if not for the baffling claim that anarchists use something called “governing councils” to, um… well, it’s not exactly clear what they supposedly are. In the real world, anarchist organize from the bottom up in affinity groups, which are sometimes called “workers’ councils”, but they certainly aren’t “governing” over anyone other than themselves and their own actions. Affinty groups often use the consensus process for decision making instead of voting.

My point isn’t that consensus is perfect (it isn’t), I’m just saying it’s not only possible, it exists, and dominance is not the only possible form of interaction. Social organization is not only hard-wired, it’s instrinsic to our very nature. Yes we have dominance, but we fight dominance as well.


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