Big list of Wall Street disaster stories

These links, highlighting the corrupt syzygy of banks, lenders, and government see-no-evilism bailouts (sprinkled with a few pearls of wisdom by outside observers with functional brains) will probably not make for the most enjoyable of reading, but see if they don’t restoke memories of Enron and Arthur Anderson. 

Lehman Brothers Bank files bankruptcy

80% of American International Group bought out by government

Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers (go to to get around the stupid compulsory sign-in)

WaMu looks for buyer

Paulson warns US is DIRE PERIL if $700B not passed

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley try to become banks

Washington Mutual biggest bank to fail in US history;_ylt=AnEIJKy9YVD57iHPIHRrM.Ws0NUE

WaMu gives its new CEO a golden parachute of $20M for 17 days of work

Royal Bank of Scotland gets billions in bailout

Paul O’Neill says Paulson bank bailout is ‘crazy’

JPMorgan Chase had a computer named Zippy; produced memo called “Zippy Cheats & Tricks”

Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers punched in the face

AIG executives on $440,000 CA retreat ($500\night)

Dana Perino doesn’t know how recessions work

AIG may ask for more $$

Emerg meeting held for Lehman Brothers

US finance system falls apart

William Greider on the bailout


(I may edit this a bit later.)


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