Quick round-up

Grabbed a bunch of headlines off RawStory…

Portugal’s tough drug decrim policy is profiled and compared to changing US policies and attitudes. Factual error regarding California’s medical legalization start date; Proposition 215 (Cal HS 11362.5)
was passed in November of 1996, not 2006. It would be amazing if 14 other states had passed medical marijuana in a span of four years, but that is not what actually happened. (Source: here and here.)

Snarky editorial by Roger Simon abouty TSA body scanners, their ineffectiveness at stopping The Bady Guys, and excellence with enabling privacy violation and costing taxpayers lots and lots of money. Napolitano says it’s worth the expense even if they don’t work because they serve as a deterrence. Which makes no sense–YOU ARE ON AN INTERVIEW ON TELEVISION ADMITTING THEY DON’T WORK. Where, exactly, will the deterrrence come from? Fortunately, Mr. Simon provides us with a better alternative.

Activists use Facebook, Twitter, Internet. You don’t say!

The US cannot account for billions of dollars spent in Afghanistan. You don’t say! I wonder what they’re doing with it


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