Cannabis is fueling the Egyptian revolution!!! Part 1

Well, not really. But Khaled Saeed, an Egyptian political activist who was savagely beaten to death according to testimony in published reports, was apparently uploading videos of local police divvying up confiscated marijuana to resell on the street. The police responded by approaching Saeed in a cybercafe mere yards from his house and savagely beating him to death in front of witnesses. The police claimed Saeed choked to death on a 3″X1″ bag of marijuana that he was trying to swallow to avoid arrest. Nobody’s buying this story, although the Egyptian state apparently had two “official” autopsies that confirmed the police’s story. It seems far more likely to be not-so-subtle political metaphor: fuck with the cops and our dealings, and we’ll shove the dope down your throat, literally.

The protests in response to this are credited with fomenting what the Twitter hashtag calls “#jan25”. The Egyptian government’s internet shutdown, which proceeded over the next few hours, is believed to have largely been an effort to attack internet social networks, like “We Are All Khaled Said” Facebook page.

I’ll have more to say later…


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