Cannabis is fueling the Egyptian revolution!!! Part 2

The brutal behavior of the Egyptian police is not new, nor is it unique to Egypt. It’s just another example of how authorities react to whistleblowers. And they react by trying to destroy them.

Visa can’t find anything to get WikiLeaks charged with in Iceland despite a private investigation and commitment to continue blocking their customers from donating to WikiLeaks. Security firm HBGary has had their asses handed to them by hacktivist group Anonymous after company head Aaron Barr bragged that he had infiltrated Anon through Facebook. The response was for Anonymous to hack HBGary’s files through Barr’s email, which led to the discovery of staggeringly cutthroat plans to attack journalists1 (where else have we heard that recently?)

Over and over again, people from Egypt, Australia, and Facebook (which isn’t exactly a country, but is certainly large enough to BE a country) are daring to speak truth to power find that power responding swiftly and harshly, whether it’s trying to get you arrested, plotting to attack your credibility, or just killing you. All of which, in the long run, shows just how right the whistleblowers are.


Meanwhile, cannabis prohibition in America is certainly being challeneged, but the government’s response is less reactionay violence than cynical chicanery.

The DEA is trying to make a loophole for government-grown pot (there’s one place at the University of Mississippi that does this) to be sold legally under the current federal law which bans THC in all forms. Here’s how the Daily Caller explains it:

[DEA spokesperson:] “THC, natural or synthetic, remains a schedule I controlled substance. Under the proposed rule, in those instances in the future where FDA might approve a generic version of Marinol, that version of the drug will be in the same schedule as the brand name version of the drug, regardless of whether the THC used in the generic version was synthesized by man or derived from the cannabis plant.”

In other words, THC in plant form or as an extract, will still be illegal. What won’t be illegal is if a pharmaceutical company buys THC from a government-licensed provider, puts it in a pill, receives the DEA’s stamp of approval, and sells it a price that will likely be far higher than the price of marijuana.

Daily Caller doesn’t mention that the only “government-licensed provider” is UofM, which NORML’s blog does. This smells like cronyism to me: they have all this weed lying around, the rules are a little looser for what you can do with weed these days, and there’s a screaming market. Did UofM ask the DEA to make an exception in their favor, which they won’t do for dying people, in order to make money off of dying people at an inflated rate?

Hillary Clinton recently said the reason drugs can’t be legalized is “there’s too much money in it,” which I at first dismissed as just being laughably stupid, if taken literally(you can read the entire interview transcript here2). But prohibition has benefited The Powers That Be (and oh how they be) in myriad ways, from destabilizing countries to justify pro-corporate military intervention, to funding juntas in third-world countries to install pro-American, pro-business regimes (similar themes have have popped up recently as well).

The DEA tricking out the government’s homegrown, while Hillary runs cover for the drug war. You have to wonder how deep this goes…

WikiLeaks, Anonymous — you’re up.

(Much love to @dailyhempbuzz on Twitter for retweeting Part 1!)

1See page 4 for list of journalists. Also, take a look at pages 6 and 8, with photos and descriptions of Bahnhof AB, a web server host in a former “Cold War bomb shelter” [thier emphasis] nestled in Pionen White Mountains in Sweden, which hold much of WikiLeaks. You really begin to get a feel for the mentality info-security groups have.

2Thanks to Scott Morgan for the link


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