Obama’s not a liberal (he just plays one on TV) Pt.1

Glenn Greenwaldonce again illustrates the basic right-wing authoritarianism of Barack Obama, with right-wing authoritarian Republican Rep. Peter King backing him up. It amazes me, though, how many people (*cough, SodaHead, cough*) still insist on making the ridonkulous claim that Obama is a “”socialist””. I simply do not understand how handing billions of dollars to corrupt corporate bankers is “”socialism””. I can certainly concede it’s brutish and oppressive. But massive upward distributions of wealth are the earmarks of state-capitalist acquisition, not communistic rationing, or distribution, or “government monopoly” or whatever the hell conservatarians are braying about this week. The government is a business that taxes for profit. It is the upward mobility, compete-at-any-cost mentality that drives government growth\domination, just as assuredly as it drives business growth\domination. The government slavishly rewards business with social and economic largesse at the expense of everyone else for the simple reason that the top tier of the private sector bought our government piece by piece. By investing in right-wing pundits to scream at the top of their lungs about how “government doesn’t work”, they drove down the demand, and thus the price, of government until it was cheap enough for them to buy.

The conservatarians applaud the buyout of the government by the wealthy elite, but cry the loudest at miniscule government “handouts” towards the welfare state. Apparently selling your country to the top bidder is acceptable, but providing people with less than enough money to live on is unfathomable.

Obama is a whore to Wall Street and big money, the 100% exact opposite of a socialist, yet that’s what he’s called over and over again.

Even stranger is the attitude of quasi-fascists on the right who applaud Obama’s most tyrannical behavior (so long as it vindicates Republicans who have done the same thing):

The White House detainee policy volte-face vindicates the policies of President George W. Bush. At the very least, Mr. Obama should apologize to his predecessor for smearing his reputation so thoroughly during the 2008 campaign. Our novice commander in chief has learned the valuable lesson that talking about being president, at which Mr. Obama was so adept, is a far cry from actually being president, at which he clearly is not.

This makes even less sense than I initially realized: if Obama learned a “lesson” by continuing Bush’s policies, then hasn’t he proven he IS an “adept” President? Even when he does EXACTLY what the Right wants, even if it’s as EVIL as they want, it will STILL never, ever, ever be good enough for them.

This is precisely why lamenting Obama’s constant capitulation is pointless: he is not, nor has he ever been, a Marxist, a communist, a socialist, a leftwinger, a liberal, or even a moderate. He is a right-wing authoritarian asshole, and yes he is an unindicted war criminal, just like George W. Guantanimo is for people like THEM–except that I’m in favor of giving even bloodthirsty warmongers fair and speedy trials, not out of bleeding-heartedness, but out of spite and contempt for their sick, demented perversions of “justice”.

It’s funny\sad how the Tea Party nuts who call Obama “Hitler” tolerate him ONLY when he actually behaves like a dictator.


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